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shoots/ workshops

dance, model, gymnast shoots: Do you want your own personal shoot ?? I do shoots from £75 depending on what you require. Get in touch for info or if you have some ideas you want to shoot .

photography workshops : I run dance, gymnastics and wildlife workshops, get in touch for more info on these. it can be one to one or small groups up to three folk.. I’ll organise everything for you and lend you equipment you may need, pricing depends on what you want to do and achieve.

Me : Howard Ashton-Jones LRPS

After many years of photographing, almost anything, mainly gymnastics with PSB Photo - I'm slowly building a more generic portfolio site of all my best images - A web-store is available (and growing in products) of my favourite/ most requested images in print form. Printed by me in the office - with all the care and attention I take on getting the images. Please take a look around and get in touch with any feedback

Insta feed @phazephoto